Top Places To Eat When Traveling To The UAE

Top Places To Eat When Traveling To The UAE

With a hot destination like Dubai to its credit, the United Arab Emirates or the UAE is indeed, one of the great holiday destinations for anyone willing to experience the true meaning of the luxury! Yes, from food to travel and stay, luxury can be experienced in anything and everything in this country and that is why the number of international travelers hitting this destination keeps on increasing, year-by-year! Especially, the richness of food can only be experienced here, which you should never miss relishing by visiting the below-mentioned specific places for the specialties of Emirati cuisine.

  • Dubai

This largest city of the UAE is not only known as the ‘City of Gold’ but also as the ‘City of Brunch’ because brunch is the specialty meal of this city!  Yes, you heard it right! Indeed, dubai brunch is the best in this world with its extensive choices and lavish spreads arousing the eagerness of every traveler visiting the city. This multi-hour food affair allows you to enjoy every specialty food variety that you had tasted in every other meal of the day together at a single go thus; allowing you to truly understand what luxury is when it comes to the food!

  • Sharjah

This popular city of the UAE is not only known for its best buildings but also for its best Kebabs, which is one of the specialty food varieties of the specialty Emirati cuisine. The delicious kebabs made using the roasted lamb meat could be any non-veg lover’s delightful food, which anyone visiting this city can relish both from the top restaurants and the ubiquitous street stalls of the city. Also, this city is famous for seafood varieties and hence, if you are seafood lover, do not forget to visit this city during your travel.

  • Abu Dhabi

Al Harees, this longer cooked traditional food variety of the Emirati cuisine is sure to make any traveler longing with its aroma and flavor that can further intensify when tasted in the capital city of the UAE, the Abu Dhabi! This city is the best to taste the traditional food varieties of the UAE like the stuffed camel and the shawarma, which any traveler like you should never miss to visit and relish!…