Far and Near Wedding Clicks!

Far and Near Wedding Clicks!


The wedding is not just the time to celebrate, have fun with champagne, but a time to reflect upon the inner souls that have been united under the bonding of love. To celebrate this in a beautiful manner, it is advised that the couple takes a break and go on some spaces to know the best and worst of each other and capture every memory to cherish down the lane!

Have you ever fancied about having a wedding at a particular location, say at Santorini, or the New York Church, or at the most beautiful beachside resort? Well, if for any reason you can’t fulfil the above and still long to get few moments just for the frame, we do only that!

We have wedding photography wedding tours arranged for couples who can’t make it a lavish wedding or a dream wedding at their beloved location. We make them be affordable for few candid clicks in the wedding gowns or attires.

We have various candid locations mostly suited for a wedding. We light them up, brighten them the way you want and you can just come in your wedding wear and take some clicks, for the contentment of having a wedding shoot at the favourite place.

The tours usually last for few hours, at the max for 2-3days, where the tour is arranged by the photography agent, who comes along and guides you for better clicks. The package includes a car, a driver and a photographer.

You will be driven to the most candid location in our car, with a driver who can take a tour around the place, before we start with the work. Our work is so professional; we give an assurance to it. In case you don’t like our work, you get a new job done for free, along with the old clicks.

We even take the stills with casual wears, to take the natural charm and beauty in the relation.