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How To Be Discrete When Traveling With A Sex Toy

How To Be Discrete When Traveling With A Sex Toy

Not every time you get to experience the ‘especially romantic’ honeymoon vacation and therefore, it is only natural for you to leave no stone unturned to make it extra special. Certainly, the stimulating sex toys fall under that extra special category that too when you can easily avail more cute ones at love plugs, who wouldn’t want to enjoy an utterly amorous experience? Ah, but we can certainly understand your difficulty of discreetly carrying them throughout your journey and that is why we have prepared special pointers in helping you enjoy an effortless journey that leads to your steamy honeymoon encounters pleasantly!

  • Choose a pocket-friendly device

If you don’t have any special preferences in sex toys then, go for the pocket-friendly ones like miniature vibrators, cock rings, lubricators that can be discreetly packed and carried along, unsuspiciously, no matter wherever you go!

  • No batteries, please

If yours is an electronic-based sex toy then, do not forget to remove the batteries that might give away the presence of the toy so easily. Don’t say you would remember to switch off them, you never know how or when they would be turned on and therefore, removing the batteries is the best, discreet solution!

  • Understand the restrictions, if any

It is always better if you understand the restrictions if any imposed on these sex toys by the destination country of your choice so that you could easily avoid unwanted attention, thankfully!

  • Incognito toys

Certain sex toys even if publicly displayed do not invite any special attention because they are made that way that is to look natural and if you could easily choose one among those incognito toys, need we explicitly say you have mastered the art of traveling discreetly with your sex toy?

  • Big Toys ought to be checked

If you are unable to part with your favorite big sex toys then, better put them in your checked luggage, along with a note so that authorities do not detain to question you as that might draw the attention of the whole airport, unfortunately!